Payment Plan

At Buy methadone online, get some of the best payment plans. Our plan for payment is arranged such that You can either pay once or in 2 installments.

Paying installmentally

 The client has the option to pay at least 80% of Total cost on any item purchased and has to pay any charges incurred, depending on what method of payment they opt to use. The remainder of the money must be completed within a 2 month period.

Making one time payments

The client can pay the entire fee before the medications are conveyed to them. This is of course optional since no one is compelled to pay everything from the get-go

Shipping and Delivery

We carry out our delivery throughout the United States and Canada and we are really fast using both the express and normal methods but hey, sometimes, we toss a free shipping freebie out there especially if you're purchasing more than one product.

Fast delivery

Coordinating with names such as Fedex, U Ship and other courier services you can be assured of the arrival of your products on time.

Arrival timeframe

The time frame can vary depending on conditions beyond control, your package must arrive at most 1 or 2 working days depending on the delivery plan chosen and with any unforeseen circumstances.

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