Meet The Team

“Being a part of this team is like being a guardian of patient safety. We ensure our products meet the highest standards, and that’s a responsibility I’m proud of.”

Shilpa Shah

“Working here means being at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. Our team’s commitment to groundbreaking research and helping people struggling and in pain makes every day exciting and impactful.”

Shane Costigan

“Our team’s efficiency is impressive. We ensure that our products reach those who need them, and that’s a key part of our mission.”

Julia powell

“I’ve seen this team’s dedication to quality firsthand. We’re not just providing medications; we’re making a difference in people’s lives.”

Atif Shamim

Working with the many patients who come to us at Methadone Store is a great way to give back to the community. We help thousands everywhere all over the world

George D'agostino

Helping people has always been a passion. What better way than to help people struggling with severe pain or addiction have their lives back.

DR. Courtney

 “We don’t just promote products; we promote health and well-being. It’s incredibly rewarding to market solutions that improve lives.”

Shabina Azmi

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