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We only accept Payments through Apple pay, PayPal, Zelle, Cashapp and Bitcoin.


We offer worldwide delivery and transport arrangements accessible in all countries.

Get your products to your selected location with our coordinated delivery arrangements. We deal with each step of the excursion with our assistance to get your products to you and you alone.

No signatures are required before collection of the product as we value anonymity just as much as we are certain you do. Customer security and satisfaction remain our top priority.

We’ve cooperated with many delivery agencies to make transportation and conveyance cost at it least, helpful, fast and proficient for you our purchasers.

These are discreet arrangements and will be between us the sellers and you the customers, once payment is made, any and every follow up information will be made available via email or via the live assistant.

Shipping Methods

Two shipping methods are available for our customers:

  • EXPRESS SHIPPING: Delivery when using this method takes a time frame of 4 to 24-hours.
  • Normal Shipping: This method includes U.S normal delivery service which can take anytime from 1 to 2 days and international delivery which can take anywhere from 2 to 4 days. 

Please note that the delivery time is calculated in operating days and does not include weekends and international and local holidays.

If your package doesn’t arrive within the agreed number of days give or take a day or two, you may send us an inquiry for reshipment (For Express delivery services only).

Wholesale orders are shipped free of charge.

Wholesale orders will take 48-72 hours or 3-5 days depending on the country. Please note these times are not guaranteed by us.

Local Delivery

Shipping within Europe is arranged from our shop in Merseyside UK. Express Delivery is only available within the United States and United Kingdom. Orders to other countries are only processed with the normal delivery shipping method which takes 2 to 3 business days.

Orders from UK and Europe are arranged and delivered from our shop in Merseyside, UK. All orders to US states and other countries are processed and delivered from our shop in Tampa, Florida

Time Span Of Delivery

It should be noted that even after paying for shipping which is automatically calculated and added to the cost at checkout, should a customer want to switch from normal to express delivery, they can make this request via the admin email through which payment details were issued to them and they will be given instructions on how to proceed.

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